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Attending Virtually

This year, we're offering virtual attendance options.
Sunday, Sept 12 - Monday, Sept 13, 2021


Attend from anywhere by streaming our conference online. Note, the ticket price is the same regardless of if you attend online or in-person.

Download Zoom

​Every year, we've gathered regional experts to teach behavioral vision. In 2020, we moved solely online to provide a safer avenue for education. Now, we're offering a hybrid model so more people can access our education. 

We'll offer synchronous online courses that virtual attendees will be able to watch live with in-person attendees. 

We'll be streaming the courses on Zoom. Prior to the conference, make sure Zoom is installed on your computer.

Virtual Team Meeting

How to Use Zoom

A 12 minute quick start guide

What to Expect

When registering, make sure to indicate that you'd like to attend the conference virtually. 

  1. Once we process your registration (this may take a few days), we'll send you a confirmation email to the email you provided us. 

  2. 1-2 weeks before the conference, we will send you calendar invites to each talk. Each will include a link to the video conference. Click on the links at the indicated start times.

  3. If you don't use a digital calendar, that's okay. Prior to the conference, we'll send you a link to a hidden web page. That page will have the conference schedule and web links to the live talks.

Remember, the talks are live and will not be recorded. 

Upon joining the video stream, your audio will be muted to ensure that the presenter isn't distracted. 

Tech Support

If you have any problems the day of, you can call Noah at ___________ or send us an email. We will do our best to respond quickly, but may be working with other attendees. We strongly suggest that you become familiar with our platforms before the conference. 

Examples of past courses:

We offer courses that cover a range of topics. To see the range of topics our COPE approved lectures cover, visit our About Page
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